The Pink List: 10 Ethical Filipino Brands to Buy Pink Pieces From

by Audrey Ferriol on Oct 27, 2021

The Pink List: 10 Ethical Filipino Brands to Buy Pink Pieces From

Looking to add more pink to your wardrobe? Make an even stronger statement by shopping for beautifully made items by Filipino social enterprises and small businesses that not just advocate for ethical and sustainable production, but also for good governance and social responsibility.



ANTHILL aims to strengthen the local weaving industry to celebrate Filipino culture while providing sustainable livelihood and empowering their stakeholders - weaver artisans, weave wearers, designers who use weaves, and production partners, who are all working together to preserve this living tradition.

Loro Maxi Pink PHP 3299.40 

Esmeralda Mini Skirt Pink PHP 1749.50 

Regular Necktie PHP 899

Pride Single Infinity Scarf - Rainbow Pink PHP 1299 


2. Kostura

Kostura is a clothing brand and movement driven by making mindful decisions - in making clothes by using natural, recycled, and deadstock fabric, striving for reduced-footprint operations, and empowering artisans through sustainable income and safe working conditions.

Linen Face Mask - Hope PHP 649.50

3. Tagpi

Tagpi’s vision is to showcase different local textiles in modern designed high-quality clothing. As they work towards promoting Filipino culture and empowering weavers through livelihood and the preservation of their traditions, the brand hopes to remind everyone the importance of going back to one’s roots and coming home to one’s self.

Masskara top in Gumamela PHP 3,750


4. Zarah Juan

An advocate of Filipino craftsmanship, Zarah Juan is a brand committed to create world-class and proudly Filipino products that are functional, that highlight the beauty and relevance of indigenous designs, and that reflect the rich cultures of different communities in the country. Each piece is a collaboration among multiple artisan communities who are also given business mentorship so they can innovate their products and work with other designers.

Silang Pineapple Bag PHP 4,950

Kartero Bag PHP 5,995


Partyline in Blush Pink PHP 9,500

5. Lazy Fare and Lucy in the Sky

Lazy Fare and Lucy in the Sky are two clothing brands from the same owners that encourage responsible fashion choices with timeless styles, the use of reclaimed, deadstock or overrun fabric rolls from garment mills, and production of limited supplies.

Lazy Travel Set PHP 350


Lazy Unisex Travel Set PHP 450

Lazy Pencil Skirt Set PHP 350

Lazy Fitted Set PHP 300

Lazy Oversized Shorts Set PHP 300

6. Candid Clothing

Candid Clothing was founded in Taytay, Rizal, the garment capital of the Philippines, to give skilled garment makers fair living wages and medical benefits which they are not offered in similar opportunities. They use factory surplus fabric to create stylish and affordable staples that are meant to last for a long time.

Convertible Wrap Top PHP 590

4-Way Puff Sleeves PHP 590

Reversible Blouse PHP 490 

4-Way Make the Shift Dress PHP 990

Bamboo Tee PHP 390


7. Malingkat Weaves 

Malingkat, which means beautiful in Tausug, is a social and cultural enterprise that hopes to showcase the beauty of Mindanao through its weaving traditions and indigenous textiles.

Yakan Reusable Face Masks PHP 250


8. Renegade Folk

Renegade Folk is a fashion brand that prioritizes style and function to uplift the everyday life of locals, both their customers and the artisans they work with. They also give importance to quality so that each piece will be valuable and useful for a long time.

Easy Wrap Top PHP 2,290


9. Risque Designs

Risque Manufacturing is a social enterprise that hopes to impact more lives by offering fair wages and benefits to their shoemakers, using local materials such as woven textiles, and partnering with other shoe brands that promote ethically made and handcrafted footwear.

Peeptoe Mules PHP 1,000

Women’s X-Strap Sandals PHP 600


10. Anika

Anika is a proudly Filipino lifestyle brand built on the ethos of fuss-free femininity. Their pieces are made by women, for women. ANIKA launched in February 2016 with a clothing line—think infinitely wearable, timeless, versatile, and well-made keepsakes for heavy wardrobe rotation, no matter the occasion.

Concha Tube PHP 3,100



Of course, yours truly is a fashion and design house, working towards lifting community artisans out of poverty. Through beautiful products that are built to last using sustainable materials, we hope to spark joy through each piece we create while helping transform the lives of the people who made them.

Jacinda Carry Everything PHP 4,800

Iris Top Blush PHP 1,575 and Tulip Shorts Blush PHP 875

Daffodil Ruffled Bib Blush PHP 1,085

4-Way Top Blush in Beige Binetwagan PHP 2,800

Relaxed Wrap Dress Blush PHP 1,850

On-Off Shoulder Top Blush in Binetwagan Beige PHP 1,800

Satin Scrunchie Blush from PHP 35


Written by Meryl Ligunas


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