On Being a Versionary: Riki Flores-Reyes

by Audrey Mae Ferriol on Apr 29, 2017

On Being a Versionary: Riki Flores-Reyes

Our new S/S 2017 Collection, Versions, was designed for the lifestyle of a Versionary––the multi-faceted R2R Woman. We wanted to honor the amazing women who juggle so many different hats every day and do it with overflowing joy, grace, and meaning. There are a lot of women in the R2R Advocate Community who fit this bill and among them are these four women we approached to represent Versions.

We're honored for you to meet and be inspired by them! Read about the first of our four R2R advocates for the Versions Collection: Riki Flores-Reyes.

1. Could you explain the different versions of yourself––the different hats you wear or roles that you have?

Wow, where do I begin?

As a radio DJ, I’m figuratively on my toes a lot because radio calls for quick jabs and wit. The Meal is a 3-hour noontime show and all we do is crack jokes and be stupid. So I’m more carefree, more playful as a DJ but at the same time meticulous when it comes to the board work. Tightness is everything on radio.

As a TV presenter, I still try as much as possible to be my quirky self but more serious and professional. The FOX Sports Minute is all about sports and it’s my favorite thing to talk about. Haha!

As a friend, a daughter, and a sister, I’m very protective and I’ve always been motherly even before I had Calix. I’ve always been a great listener and I really make time for the ones I love. I try as much as possible to be there for them and be present when they need me.

As a wife, I’d like to think I’m pretty cool. Haha! My husband and I have known each other since we were in school so we grew up together and we were the best of friends first. Every single day I make it a point to reinforce that friendship.

And finally, I’m a mother and I think this is my favorite version so far because it’s new and I’m learning things as I go. The best part about it is as I’m grooming my son, he’s also grooming me in a way. It’s a wonderful role.


2. How do you balance all these versions of yourself every day? 

I think that’s why moms are superheroes. Hahaha! I have no idea how I balance them but I think my love for what I do and the people around me make it doable. All the roles I have make me happy and I think that’s very important.


3. What are your passions in life and why? You can talk about your company, organization, and advocacies!

I’m a huge believer in the ability of the body to heal itself. I have two cousins who are chiropractors and they introduced me to a whole different world of wellness and lifestyle. I believe that when we were made, the Lord equipped us with everything we need in order to fight and ward off any diseases both of which he protected with bone: our brain and spine. So as long as you “have your head on straight” all your nerves are functioning properly, your body knows what it should do.

With this mindset, I haven’t taken any medication for any sickness I’ve had whether it be a cough or a cold or a fever (which I believe is the body’s way of eliminating bacteria by raising its temperature). Water is everything and people should drink lots more of it.

Aside from that, I’m a huge supporter of local products. There was once a time where I would associate capiz chimes or banigs as "local products" but that’s really not the case now. I’m trying to see to it that anything I purchase is sourced or made here in the Philippines.


4. Why are you an R2R advocate? What are the R2R values that resonate with you the most?

My very first R2R purchase was a Cobalt Blue Buslo Mini and I got it when I was pregnant with Calix. It started my love for the brand. I think it was because the craftsmanship was so solid and I loved the functionality of the pieces and also knew that I was handing over my money to someone who really needed it. I love how R2R leaves you little cards inside containing the name of the local artisan who weaved them. All these things contributed to my love affair with R2R. And it’s also why, when I’m asked kung saan ko pinaglihi si Calix, I always say “Sa Rags2Riches bags,” and it makes for a good laugh.


5. In fashion and in life, what are the principles that you live by? 

I’m not going to spend on something I can only use once. It has to be a versatile piece, one I can take to work, one I can put my stuff in, one I can take on a night out, one that I can maybe even take to formal occasions, etc. So if I’m shelling out money for something, it better be useful and I’d rather it go to someone who needs it to pay off a child’s tuition than to the pockets of a billionaire who’s looking to install a second swimming pool in his mansion.

I also believe that less is more. That simplicity will always be more beautiful. That it’s okay to step out of your house without drawing your eyebrows on or putting tint on your lips.

I’m also not one to compromise comfort over fashion. I’ll go to work in my loose T-shirt, shorts, and sneakers because I love how I can be myself in them. I don’t care how gorgeous they look. If I discover my newly purchased high heels are a pain in the ass to host in, I’m not wearing them again.


6. Complete the sentence (with words or even a paragraph): A Versionary is…

…someone who can juggle her different life masks but never loses sight of that one common thread that strings them all together.



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