Introducing The Starting Point Journal

by Things That Matter Team on Aug 15, 2019

Introducing The Starting Point Journal

Life happens in chapters. 

There are chapters filled with joy. Chapters you try to savor as much as you can. Then there are those that challenge your core set of beliefs - periods that if given the chance, you prefer to skip. But you need to learn to embrace both in order to fully live.

Your starting point can happen anytime. It’s when you decide to show up for your dreams and be intentional in how you approach them. You don’t need to wait for a monumental event to start. It can happen on an ordinary day, at the moment you decide to pause and listen. It grows when you learn to give, when you find the intersections between what you care about and what others need.

This journal is the product of two teams: Things That Matter and Where To Next. The lessons are based on our own life experiences, from what we consume, how we interact with one another, how we handle failure, and even the stories we tell ourselves. We decided to work on this together since our values were aligned and it’s always fun to work with people who believe in the same dreams as you. 

We know starting something new is tough. We hope our prompts provide you with more clarity on what it is you ought to do with your beautiful life. But it’s only you who gets to decide where your journey is heading. 


Some of the features of our journal:

Weekly reflections: The journal provides you with four questions that help you pause and reflect. This can serve as space for you to practice gratitude, reflect on your past mistakes, think about your relationships with others, and be more aware of the opportunities you can look forward to in the future.

Self-care routine: Self-care is the process of deliberately understanding what is good for your well-being and what isn’t. This section helps you define what self-care means for you and how you can create a plan to sustain it. 

Shop with intention: If consuming is not something we can stop altogether, what is the alternative? One way is to be more mindful of how you shop. In this section, we listed down guidelines to help you create your own capsule wardrobe.

Low Impact List: What we do every day matters. Think of this section as a bucket list of experiences to help you learn to live with less and give more in return. 

Monthly art and prose: Every month greets you with custom art and words that may help you define the theme for your journey. We hope that when you read them, it will feel like little notes from a friend.

The Starting Point is now available for pre-order from today until September 1. Confirmed orders will be delivered from October 15 onwards. Our first 250 buyers will receive three custom postcards. You may choose to send them to friends or hang them up as reminders in your personal spaces.

You can learn more by watching our vlog where we go through the journal's pages on IGTV.


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