5 Easy DIY Projects to Try Around the House

by Audrey Ferriol on Jul 16, 2021

5 Easy DIY Projects to Try Around the House

Have you ever been in a situation where you hoard packaging, papers, or other supplies, hoping to find a use for them in the future? While we usually manage to recycle some of these things, there are still many that eventually find their way to the trash. They somehow manage to collect faster than we can repurpose them!

At R2R, we like finding ways to reuse these scraps — here, we’ve compiled five fun and easy DIY projects to try out using leftover materials lying around your home. 


Pencil Holder

If you’re the type to try and repurpose tin cans, but you’re not sure what to do with all the cans you’ve accumulated, then this fun and easy project is for you! All you need is some creativity and courage to make mistakes (and of course the materials listed down in the photos below!). Check out our TikTok Video to learn how to assemble your very own Pencil Holder.


If you’ve read our 8 Crafty Father’s Day Gifts article, then you’re already familiar with one way to create a personalized bookmark. But for all those who want a simpler method, the R2R team has found an easy (yet still aesthetic) DIY bookmark project for you from Pottery Barn. All you need is super glue (or a glue gun), some paper clips, and buttons!

Pillow Box Packaging

While Valentine’s Day is still far off, Practically Functional’s DIY Pillow Box packaging, made with recycled toilet paper rolls, is definitely a project to try out. It’s easy, but what’s even better is that we get to repurpose materials we’ve probably piled up over the years!

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Crackers

Gift wrapping doesn’t need to be complicated or wasteful. Here’s another way to reuse old toilet paper rolls, courtesy of an idea by Get Kamfortable. With these in your arsenal of gift packaging ideas, you’ll definitely be on a roll when it’s time to celebrate!

Piggy Banks 

While money can’t buy happiness, as they say that money comes from within, it’s definitely rewarding to fill up a coin bank! A Little Tipsy takes the term “Piggy Bank” to the next level and teaches you how to make your very own piggy bank using plastic bottles (and let’s be honest, we probably have a few lying around). 

We know some of you might be wondering whether or not DIY projects are really this easy. Be sure to follow our TikTok account to see the R2R team test out these DIYs to see just how easy they can be!

Written by Ysabel Ching 

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